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For more than eight years, the Biotechnology Business Institute has been providing leading educational programmes for scientists in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology sectors. Our students want to develop and expand their careers into the global drug discovery field and beyond.

Through our Business School, we have been working across multiple therapeutic areas with the leading research institutions in Barcelona

The typical positions that our students reach depends on the specialisation that they choose. Their new roles can be in early-stage drug discovery to later stage development or in technology transfer offices or early biotech companies and the pharmaceutical industry. Positions such as a project manager, product manager, business development executive or other specilaities, such as regulatory, healthcare economics or markets access can also be reached.

Life Sciences Industry

The Life Sciences industry represents one of the most important economic sectors worldwide. The sector applies biology and related medical technologies to improve human health outcomes through the application of biopharmaceuticals, medical technologies, genomics, diagnostics and digital health. Barcelona and Cambridge’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is an ideal location and virtual environment to draw from that experience.

Career Assessment

As a student you will receive individual assessment. The students will be able to develop and acquire knowledge of responsibilities required in key roles in biotech-based companies, pharmaceutical industry and other related companies in the sector. Our students will exploit this ecosystem to learn, develop and apply new business skills to their future careers.

Executive Education

Our course covers corporate finance, market access and healthcare economics, as well as preclinical and clinical regulatory requirements. Further modules cover medical technologies, technology transfer and entrepreneurship, organisational behaviour and developing an understanding of global strategies for new drug approvals, as well as the effective commercialisation of other related Life Sciences’ technologies.

Professional Opportunities

The Biotechnology Business Institute facilitates career development opportunities for aspiring business development executives with key stakeholders from the biotechnology sector and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Faculty and Staff

The lecturers ensure a high standard of teaching with a focus on the practical applications of business principles based on personal experience. The broad curriculum provides full immersion into drug discovery processes, Life Sciences’ research and wider healthcare management issues.


Our core focus is on commercialising Life Sciences and how to develop a better understanding the latest developments in treating diseases and conditions with unmet medical needs. A global educational network of internationally recognised business professionals forms the core of the experienced teaching staff, who offer practical and personalised attention to our students during our programmes.


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