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Our Cambridge Campus is located in the historic City of Cambridge, with a long tradition of generating academic knowledge. The City's entrepreneurial roots have attracted global pharmaceutical companies and many start-ups.

The current and future investment in Life Sciences in the UK ensures the development of your management skills with partner companies that support the BBI management programmes. Since 2021, Cambridge has become the BBI Life Sciences Campus and will coordinate the online version of International MBA for this academic year 2021. The on-campus programme for the international MBA in Life Sciences has a first year scheduled for autumn 2022.

This new campus elevates the status of the business school as a reference centre for management internationally and the expansion has allowed BBI to meet a wide range of educational needs for scientists during their career development.

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Executive Online MBA in Life Sciences - International EMBA

The objective of the new online course is to accelerate our students career development into higher management positions in the biopharmaceutical industry and across the wider life sciences sector.

The one-year, part-time curriculum will still provide full immersion into drug discovery processes, life science research, medical technologies and healthcare management in Cambridge and worldwide.

The International MBA in Life Sciences is a one-year, full-time executive master’s programme that will be taught in central Cambridge.

The course is designed for scientists who want to develop their careers in applied research and continue their professional development in the biopharmaceutical industry and the wider life sciences sector.

This course has been accredited by BBI Barcelona

Online Programme (EMBA)

  • add_circle_outline1st Term - Understanding the Ecosystem


    • • During the first trimester, our students will acquire practical knowledge of international management skills across the life sciences sector.

    • • The objective of this module is to establish a structured understanding of the commercial path in the biopharmaceutical sector, where you will develop your future career and develop a deep awareness of the stakeholder interactions across the sector.

  • add_circle_outline2nd Term - Biopharmaceutical Business


    • • Over the second trimester, our students will specialise in the key aspects of business methods applied and across the life sciences sector focus in acquiring a global understanding of drug discovery with a focus on new drug approvals.

    • • During this period, they will develop the practical professional skills and knowledge required to become effective managers to enable their chosen professional path.

  • add_circle_outline3rd Term - New Therapeutics Approaches


    • • Through the third trimester, our students will receive a specialisation into the key aspects of business applied to the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnological sector acquiring a global understanding of the main department and roles.

  • add_circle_outlineConverting Theory into Practice


    • • This final thesis can take the form of a thesis, business plan or dissertation, whereby a specific project is developed to pull together the principles and processes taught in the previous modules into a single document.

  • add_circle_outlineCareer Impact Programme


    • • Our programmes are oriented towards developing the careers of committed individuals with BSc, MSc, PhD or equivalent qualification with a background in Life Sciences.

    • • One of the key objectives of this Life Sciences MBA programme is work with our students who are looking to enter industry from academia or looking for new opportunities within their current company or beyond.

Online Programmes (Postgraduate)

  • add_circle_outlinePostgraduate Programme in Biotechnology Based Companies


  • add_circle_outlinePostgraduate Programme in Pharmaceutical Industry


Developing the Future Global Leaders in Life Sciences

The Cambridge phenomenon is best described as an explosion of globally significant companies and innovations across bioscience, medicine and technology over the past 50 years.

Cambridge’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is an ideal location to learn, develop and apply new business skills. Most of the seminars, lectures and interactive tutorials will be held in the bustling City of Cambridge.

Cambridge Panel of Lecturers and Teaching Staff

The Cambridge course will be taught by a panel of experienced lecturers, who have worked in the Life Sciences industry and have the practical experience of commercialising technology and innovation.

The Cambridge team will also draw on Barcelona lecturers for some of the teaching, especially in drug discovery, but will teach a broader remit across the whole Life Sciences sector. The Cambridge Campus will have its own wellbeing officer to support students' needs during their course. The Cambridge course has been accredited by BBI Barcelona and is managed by the Cambridge Office. 

With the active support of key international partners

Key international partners, such governmental organisations, bioindustry associations and trade bodies, enable the BBI to extend its global reach from Barcelona to Cambridge and beyond.

With the accreditation of Biotechnology Business Institute Barcelona
BBI Cambridge Limited has successfully attained the Biotechnology Business Institute’s accreditation for the MBA courses to be delivered in Cambridge. Following the BBI Board’s formal approval under the standards of international full-time educational courses.

BBI Cambridge - The Bradfield Centre - Cambridge Science Park

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International EMBA in Life Sciences

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Here are some of the most frequent questions from our candidates

  • question_answerThe BBI Experience What is a typical day for a BBI student like?

    Every day is different throughout the year. During the first stage, when students take their common modules, apart from the evening classes from Monday to Thursday, the students also develop their career impact programmes. These programmes have their project meetings at various research centres and participate in extra-curriculum activities.

    For the final semester in Barcelona, each student develops their own academic internship programme depending on their chosen career itinerary chosen. All programmes have the same number of assignments and group work to complete. Typically, the second semester is focused increasing the time spent on students’ career-related activities.

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