Jackie Macritchie

Jackie Macritchie

Senior Managing Director at Charles River Laboratories, Cambridge, UK

Having joined a small CRO back in 2000 as a Team Leader in Medicinal Chemistry, I found I loved the sheer speed and diversity of science that a CRO offers and the opportunity to collaborate with many different drug discovery companies.  That small CRO was acquired by CRL in 2014 and we have expanded markedly since then.  I loved working in and leading multidisciplinary projects to identify compounds that have the potential to treat diseases and even though I have moved out of chemistry now, I am still excited by what we do.

At the end of 2017, I took over the leadership of the Early Discovery organisation in CRL which has around 600 people on six sites situated in 3 countries.  My day is very different now as I focus on everything needed to lead a business and much less on the science itself.  No two days are the same and so I am constantly learning and developing.  I love a challenge and a problem to solve and this role doesn’t disappoint.  We all have our own part to play to make an organisation an engaging and successful place to work. I look for enthusiasm, reliability, and proactivity in all our employees.  I rely on our staff to continually improve what we do, to look for solutions to challenges that come along and to provide constructive feedback.  I care about our business and I am really proud of our team.  I believe in our people and want each to succeed personally and contribute to the future success of our business.

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