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Biotechnology Business Institute Board

The academic board is responsible for the candidates during the admission process and the students during the academic year to ensure that all participants develop their professional leadership skills according to the curriculum.

They are focused on the career impact programme and the relationship with the partner companies. Moving towards a global professional development in the different itineraries chosen. Stay in touch to receive more information about your possibilities in career development.

Their expertise covers the spectrum of global business and how to apply it to management in the healthcare sector. The team engender a solid ethical base to enable a positive impact from our future leaders. Each itinerary delivers world-leading skilld and specialised knowledge.

The co-ordination board is the link between the visiting lecturers, the students and the projects becoming a key part for network development during the year.

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Biotechnology Business Institute Partners

Cambridge EMBA Thesis Jury

The Thesis of our management programmes is based on a scientific & business commercial plan developed with companies and based on real intellectual property projects from our partners in Barcelona and Cambridge.

During the EMBA, the students work with leading managers for real a real success scenario proposal that will be subject to a tribunal of experts with a scientificfinancial investment and industry background at the end of the year.

Every year we count with a guest jury of experts from different nationalities to contribute to the evaluation and enrich the experience for the students and the companies with different cultural approaches.

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