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As a part growing sector and a global community, the biotechnology business institute relies on the support of and collaboration with many members of our ecosystem to deliver the best education to our students. We enable our students to become high performing scientific mangers in society, who can help develop new therapeutic opportunities.


The Parc Científic de Barcelona is one of Europe’s model ecosystems in research, technology transfer and innovation, mainly in the health sector: pharmacology, biotechnology, medical technologies, food and cosmetics. Located in Barcelona, ​​the Park features more than 30,000 m2 of laboratory and office space, coupled with an extensive range of scientific services on offer in the domain of the life sciences. The Park was built by the University of Barcelona in 1997, becoming the first science Park in Spain. The academic development of our programmes, seminars and other teaching activities are related to our educational principles and have been developed with input from our collaborators at the Barcelona Scientific Park, who we thank for their support and guidance.


Located at the heart of the Cambridge Science Park, the Bradfield Centre is designed to appeal to entrepreneurs, researchers and students. It is home to innovative high-growth, start-up and scale-up businesses. The Centre is managed and operated by Mantle on behalf of Trinity College, who founded the Science Park in 1970 and was the first of its kind in Europe. The Centre was named in honour of Sir John Bradfield, who was the bursar of Trinity College from 1956 to 1992 and championed the foundation of Cambridge Science Park.


Our Mexico Campus is based at the world trade center in Mexico City being one of the most representative places for business internationally. Mexico is ranked as the 12th largest pharmaceutical industry market globally and the second in Latin America.

This campus contributes to the global objective of the Business School connecting the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in Latin America with the major innovation hubs in Europe and the United States. BBI Mexico is the educational centre of reference in healthcare contributing to the development of national talent, the growth of internal innovation and promoting global transactions.


Our programmes are based on real patented technologies from three of the main technology transfers offices in Barcelona. Under a confidentiality agreement our students work with the innovation managers, principal researchers and our board of professors to develop drug discovery business plan proposals.


As an active stakeholder in the biotechnology sector our relationships with the different bioindustry associations, nationally and internationally, the bbi develop synergies, collaborations and supports activities to grow our community and the overall Life Sciences ecosystem.


This academic institution was funded in part and supported by the enisa entrepeneurship programme and the spanish exportations agency and its programme icext next.


The BBI is into a Strategic Partnership as Innovation Advisors to the Anglo Nordic Life Sciences Conference

The Biotechnology Business Institute (BBI) has been invited to join the board committee of the Anglo Nordic Life Sciences Conference. The BBI will act as innovation advisors by enabling investments in early-stage companies and helping with cluster development through international networking with key decision makers.

The Anglonordic Conference is mostly for European investors to meet with R&D companies from the Nordic countries and the UK.  The Conference provides an innovative forum for investors and companies to connect with each other through an established format of panel discussions, parallel technology and biotech investment rooms, as well as opportunities for 1:1 meetings. The BBI believes that this 19th Conference in London will provide exceptional value for money for the companies that are planning to attend.


The BBI is into a Strategic Partnership with the AstraZeneca Mexico's Innovation Health Hub as Advisors

The Health Innovation Hub in Mexico drives and promotes the convergence of actors within the health ecosystem to improve the quality of life of patients through early prevention, diagnosis and treatment with new technologies and disruptive processes.

It is an initiative of AstraZeneca Mexico and A.Catalyst Network, AstraZeneca's interconnected network, which seeks to work hand in hand with startups that have technological and innovative solutions to solve some of the current and future challenges that primary care faces. in the health system in the country.

The Hub's primary mission is to improve patient care, follow-up and care through the use of innovative technologies, while creating a significant impact on their lives.


The BBI is into a Strategic Partnership as Advisors to the European Biotech CEO Summit 

The Biotech CEO Summits are unlike most meetings CEOs attend. It is not an investor conference nor is it a business development conference. Rather, the Summits’ focus is on the CEOs and the challenges they have leading their companies. The program is modeled after a think tank-style meeting with discussions led by subject matter experts with input from the CEOs. The CEOs benefit from the wisdom and experiences shared by other participating CEOs and the discussants.

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) Certificate

BBI Cambridge Ltd has been certified by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). The ICO is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest and data privacy for individuals. The relevant certificate can be found here.


DynamIQ was founded with a mission to provide ground-breaking services to redefine and refine client experience while maintaining a progressive and interactive ambience. We aim to achieve this by approaching each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customised, unique strategies. We specialise in providing both strategic & technical consultancy as well as educational services within healthcare.

BBI Cambridge ISO Accreditation

The objective of the ISO International Standards for a Quality Management System is to help organizations be effective and strategic while being able to adapt to the constantly changing market dynamics. It also suggests various forms of correction and improvement such as breakthrough change, innovation and re-organization.

The ISO 9001:2015 is the latest edition of the ISO 9001, the only certifiable body of the ISO 9000 family regarding Quality Management Systems. It is the most widely known among the International Standards with regard to quality control and quality assurance for organizations of any type and size. Its main principles for quality management include: Customer FocusLeadership, People EngagementProcess approachImprovementEvidence-based decision makingRelationship Management.


We help accelerate career development into higher management positions in the biopharmaceutical industry and across the wider Life Sciences sector. We offer professional and practical development programmes based on the most relevant areas of effective management practice across the rapidly growing and evolving Life Sciences’ industrial sector.

These are some of the companies where our students either started their carreer in junior positions or, due to our programs, they change to a different one to continue developing their professional path in the biotechnology sector and the pharmaceutical industry.



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