Mexico Community


Career development

The 20 top pharmaceutical companies are in Mexico

Increasing opportunities in innovation for bilateral collaboration and investment

Annual turnover or 11Billion USD

Social Impact

Mexico is the 15th Large Economy in the world

The Pharmaceutical Market Growth Rate is approximately 6%

2nd large Economy of the of Latin America


6.2% expenditure of its GDP is in the Healthcare System

The 0.4% of the country GDP on spent R&D

Pharma contributes 1.2% of the DGP.

Mexico Community

During the last decade, Mexico has moved progressively to develop its scientific and technological capabilities, a decision requiring long-term government investment in education and research. In 2019, the World Intellectual Property Indicators report positioned Mexico in the top 20 ranking of patent creation. Mexico is the fifteenth largest economy in the world and has been grouped by international investors in a set of emerging countries with similar characteristics: large populations, positive growth levels, and strategic geographic location. Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, and Australia (MIKTA) .

In recent years, Mexico has been characterized for having one of the most stable macroeconomic indicators in the Latin American region with strong openness to international markets. Mexico City's metropolitan area is a thriving business, industrial, and technological ecosystem. Guadalajara and Monterrey also exemplify a growing entrepreneurial spirit, where collaboration between government, private businesses, and universities continues to grow.

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