The world trade Center

The WTC CDMX is the most iconic skyscraper in Mexico City and it is a landscape on the horizon of the country's capital. It has been a reference as a business centre for more than 25 years, preferred by SMEs from different industries and sectors due to its privileged location, the quality of the network and diversity of its services.


The mission is maintaining the WTC as a commercial and business icon attracting national and international companies, providing high quality services, and generating value to companies, clients and business partners. Furthermore, our mission is maintaining our team's best practices in corporate responsibility taking into consideration the social, economic and climate impact of all our operations. The Vision is to be the global business and service reference centre in Mexico City chosen by the best national and international companies.

A place of constant reinvention and global development demands a business environment that is inspiring, flexible, and unique. WTC offers unbridled potential in a vibrant, connected ecosystem filled with bold and imaginative people, Thriving. Diverse. Creative. Energetic.


The WTC social corporate responsibility manifests itself with a business vision that takes in account and procure the best conditions for partners, clients, and related business partners. We are in the most attractive and complete mixed-use complex of the city with more than 900 offices including specialized health and beauty clinics, doctors' offices, boardrooms for training, commercial premises, restaurants, banks and cinemas. Also, at the WTC there is an International Exhibition and Convention Centre, the Cultural and Concert Centre and a 360º viewpoint with the largest moving restaurant in the world.


We are located in one of the most cosmopolitan and business central areas of the city surrounded by hotels and industry hubs within one of the preferential residential areas of the city. The business connectivity is a nexus of our talent growth.

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Barcelona Campus

Barcelona Scientific Park
Baldiri Reixac St., 4-8, 08028, Barcelona

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The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge Science Park
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Mexico Campus

World Trade Center CDMX, Montecito 38,
Col. Nápoles, 03810, Mexico City

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